3D-Printed Construction

If you're not in the know, you may think 3D Printing is still relegated to making little plastic toys. In reality, 3D printing is transforming construction by automating key processes of the build. This makes construction cheaper, faster, and more sustainable. According to COBOD, their BOD2 Modular Robot Construction Printer is “the world’s most sold 3D construction printer and the first second-generation printer on the market.”

The BOD2 was developed with a module design that can fit any project; the operator can set the printer’s length, width, and height dimensions to accommodate any construction jobsite. At the World Of Concrete convention in Las Vegas this year, COBOD partnered up with We Print Homes and Quikrete to show 3D printing with concrete live in action.

WOC22 Attendees got to see the concrete printing mix loaded into the BOD2 printer, as well as the concrete structures coming to life. BOD2 is fast - it can print over 3 feet per second with its standard setting of 2 centimeters tall by 5 centimeters wide.

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